Here at ath Power, we have a passion for excellence and we strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We focus not only their immediate measurement needs, but we also provide the tools and expertise needed to translate the research findings into action.

ath Power’s dedication to helping clients achieve their objectives has enabled our company to create highly successful partnerships with a wealth of long-term clients – maintaining unmatched retention rates for over two decades.

We take pride in the relationships we create with our clients. Simply put, the flexibility and responsiveness provided by our team is unparalleled in our industry. Our long-term experience in achieving this standard is evidenced by the testimonials of our clients.

They are the most agile, nimble partner we have. If you need it, they find a way to get it done. They do this and will say yes to doing just about anything, but they will also never let you fall down a rabbit hole. So, if you are going to design something wrong or be short-sited about cost versus benefit or other such matters you can actually trust them to steer you in the right direction.”

Head of Customer Experience Strategy, National Banking Client

Today, we are celebrating teams and individual team members; a way of thanking people for what we do. This started me thinking about the two of you, and how we would not be nearly as successful without your help and partnership. So for that, I want to say a big, “Thank You!”

However, the main reason that I am reaching out isn’t just what you do, since technically we are all doing our jobs, but it’s the way you do it that makes the biggest impact to me.

I have never heard either of you say “no”. Instead of wondering why we are asking something, or for something, you focus on how to achieve the request. You do so quickly, professionally, and also serve as contributors, always looking for ways to make things better.

But, what I am most appreciative of and thankful for, especially as a “newbie” in the realm, is that you two humanize the experience.

So, thank you for your teamwork, for putting up with my emails requesting more information, for answering my ignorant questions during calls, and for always being there when I, and the Mystery Shop team need you. You are a valuable part of what we do and what we are able to accomplish. We wouldn’t be where we are if you two weren’t where you are.”

Global Risk Specialist, National Banking Client

Our team at Fusion Design has been working with Carolyn Rivera for the past several months. She was retained as a corporate trainer – but has become so much more. Fusion won a state funded training grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we were very choosy about who we selected to do the actual training. Carolyn came highly recommended by a colleague and we decided to go forward with the training under her guidance.

To be very candid, I had won a training grant in the past and was very disappointed with the trainer chosen. Being so gun-shy, I was very particular about assuring the trainer was highly qualified and would live up to our expectations. Carolyn has met and significantly exceeded our expectations. Her down-to-earth no-nonsense style has captured the enthusiasm of our entire team – from the most junior newcomer to our highly seasoned professionals. She holds their interest, piques their imaginations and makes them think about possibilities they had not previously considered. She has provided invaluable one-on-one coaching to our principal team and has made significant strides in making us all more productive, more efficient and more aware of being the best we can be.

What makes Carolyn different? She comes to our company fully prepared, fully organized and completely up to speed with what we want – and (more importantly), with what we need. To my amazement, she used her own personal time to interview every single employee prior to the commencement of the training. She interviewed the principal team in hour long one-on-one sessions and continued to complete telephone interviews with all other members of our roster. This allowed her to come into the training with a full understanding of everyone’s profiles, perceptions and idiosyncrasies.

In the past, team members were doing everything they could to avoid the class sessions. Under Carolyn’s tutelage, everyone shows up on time, ready and enthusiastic to learn something new.
I am more than pleased to offer Carolyn my highest recommendation and would be happy to make myself available for any other questions or additional information.”

Director of Operations and HR, Architectural Design Client

One Word:  FANTASTIC! Today’s leadership session with the executive team was fantastic!  I received lots of compliments from the team relating to the content and delivery.  Our CEO Mike Wheeler said, “This was the best session”. Carolyn’s enthusiasm and manner of delivery was certainly well received!”

Senior Vice President Retail Banking, Regional Banking Client

You have a wonderful talent for making sure your customers feel 100% taken care of and confident with the high level of service you continue to provide us. It is not every day that we get to hear positive things about ourselves, so I wanted to make sure you heard it from me today.  You are a pleasure to work with and we thank you for being so committed to the partnership.”

Customer Experience Program Administrator, National Insurance Client

I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the quality of information on these two shops.  While of course we are always striving for 100% and these two shops are a bit lower, the comments provided excellent information to utilize in coaching.  I was able to sit down with both tellers and give them some very important “next steps” to improve their performance and quality of interaction with our customers based on the information/comments shopper(s) shared.  Neither knew they had been shopped which is also impressive.”

AVP, Branch Manager, Regional Banking Client

The ath Power team is diligent and great to work with.  What they added has strengthened the data and the value of the program.”

VP, Market Research, National Banking Client

The team felt that the competition was rigid and overpriced.  They felt ath Power’s system was user friendly compared to the other systems.  They were confident that ath Power had the capacity to measure Customer Experience across all channels and lines of business where other companies were too focused in one area.  They compared the two other firms as being IBM and HP and ath Power as Apple, much more innovative and in keeping with the times.”

Managing Director, National Banking Client

The entire team at ath Power exceeds our expectations right down to the shopper pool who performs our shops.  The evaluations provide us with the details we were looking for.”

SVP, Head of Customer Data and Analytics, National Credit Card Client

ath Power has been and continues to be hands down the best vendor relationship the bank has ever had.”

Head of Retail Banking, National Banking Client

“Our marketing and research teams have been freed up to tackle other projects because ath Power has the right team to help manage and communicate with our internal partners flawlessly.”

President, Credit Union Client

The tenured in-house staff has been a major factor in our decision to use ath Power.  We have found in the past that we do not receive the same level of service with vendors who use Third Party services.”

VP, Marketing Research and Competitive Analysis, Regional Insurance Client

We have been impressed with the customization and ability to change the program as factors change within our organization. Time and time again, we have had other vendors “nickel and dime” us on program changes, edits and additions – ath Power does not do so.”

SVP, Director of Research, National Mortgage Client

Programming and customization is far superior to our last vendor and the responsiveness from the upper management team is excellent.”

Customer Experience Program Manager, National Credit Card Client

ath Power’s pricing was competitive and our respond time immediate for the bank.  They were able to customize their program and shops are available at a branch level for coaching and training purposes.”

SVP, Retail Operations & Strategy, Regional Banking Client

We were looking for a partner who would not just provide us with results but how to use those results going forward. Our partnership with ath has grown through the last few years and we continue to add new pieces to our program every year as a result of their recommendations.”

Head of Consumer and Business Banking, National Banking Client