About Us

Who We Are

ath Power Consulting is a premier provider of research and customer experience solutions. We are the all-in-one resource for survey and mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance auditing, market analyses, employee training, and strategic consulting.

Clients are the driving force behind ath Power Consulting, and they represent many of the most customer-centric organizations known today. Since 1997, we have helped our clients improve customer retention, build brand loyalty and advocacy, deepen employee engagement, measure compliance, maximize performance, and increase profitability – distinguishing them from their competition and giving them a commanding edge in the marketplace.

Today, ath Power owns one of the largest panels of field representatives in North America, and has also been named an “MSPA Elite Company” for five consecutive years. This distinguished award recognizes member companies that demonstrate outstanding leadership and support in advancing customer experience and the goals and objectives of MSPA Americas (formerly known as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America), the trade association representing the customer experience management and measurement industry. The award winners are considered the leading mystery shop and research organizations shouldering the advancement of the customer experience industry.

What We Do

ath Power Consulting improves bottom-line performance for organizations. Through our research, we provide our clients with the critical information needed to understand customers, prospects, employees and competitors, measure loyalty and satisfaction, identify strengths and weaknesses, test product and service offerings, determine marketing and advertising effectiveness, pinpoint compliance issues, and much more.

Our comprehensive consulting services help clients utilize that critical data and information by providing a full breakdown of the research results and offering our strategic recommendations to take their business to the next level. And lastly, our custom training programs, based on each client’s unique products, services and corporate culture, teach the necessary skills to effectively implement their specific CX strategy, and achieve an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint – internally and externally, across the organization.

We offer a broad range of fully customizable research and training solutions as well as strategic consulting services, including:

Our programs are always tailored to our clients’ specific needs and scaled accordingly. We work closely with each client to determine which programs will yield the best results. They can range from discrete surveys and competitive analyses, to large, ongoing mystery shop studies and employee training initiatives. Our clients have been impressed with this level of customization and our ability to adapt a program as factors change within their organization.

Why ath Power

Clients choose ath Power for our world-class customer service, expert team, proven research methodologies, robust analytical capabilities, and innovative technology. Our dedicated team of analysts, market specialists and consultants possess unmatched expertise and experience in CX design, research, analytics, and training across numerous industries, allowing us to create custom research and strategy programs unlike any of our competitors. We provide flawless data collection and have successfully designed, developed, and managed some of the largest multi-channel and multi-modality research initiatives in North America. All ath Power solutions are tailored to each individual client and focus on both near-term and long-term success.